Old Garage Studio was built 80 years ago in Williamsburg Brooklyn on a 100 x 25 feet lot. Originally a lumber warehouse and later a painters studio, has been converted to a luxury designers loft with photographers and filmmakers in mind. 

Garage Studio offers flexibility and space to satisfy the needs of any photographic or film project. Two skylights in the living area and a glass automated  door in the studio area provide ample daylight. For those in need of night time scenarios during daytime work hours both skylights and garage door are easily and fully covered to block daylight with ease.  

Garage door provides a 12 x 10 feet opening to street level and with its own private driveway Old Garage Studio makes it a breeze to load/unload heavy props and film/photo equipment. Private driveway can easily accommodate parking for vehicles up to 30 feet long.  

Old Garage Studio kitchen served as the creative enviroment for awesome new MTV show Brothers Green EATS! We encourage you to check their incredible recipes and hilarious Brothers Green craziness.